Konrad Mizzi Explains Why Air Malta Is Going To Start Flying To Tel Aviv 5 Times A Week

Spoiler alert: it's not the 13th century Jewish mystic that used to live on Comino


Minister for Tourism Konrad Mizzi has just concluded a trip to Israel, where he presented Malta as a destination of Jewish historical heritage as part of a new promotional campaign.

In comments to Lovin Malta, he said that "Israel still remains a relatively untapped market for Malta's tourism sector and offers opportunities for growth."

As part of this campaign, the amount of flights run by Air Malta to Israel will be increased.

"Air Malta has decided to provide capacity for such expansion by operating 5 direct flights to Tel Aviv in summer and 3 flights in winter. The airline is currently setting up its promotional and sales channels in Israel. This is in line with Air Malta's Mediterranean strategy," he said.

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Malta's actually got quite a bit of Jewish history. From the Jewish catacombs to the three Jewish cemeteries to the Jewish Quarter of Victoria, Gozo, there is actually a decent amount of Jewish heritage present in Malta for visiting Israelis to enjoy.

And for the Maltese, everything from Tel Aviv's food, beaches and nightlife will make any Maltese feel like they are right at home.

While in Israel, Minister Mizzi participated in the Tel Aviv Tourism fair. 

"The Tourism Ministry and MTA have for the first time participated in the Tel Aviv Tourism fair where various marketing initiatives have been agreed with tourism operators. Jewish heritage and related events are being developed," he said.

Last year, 16,666 Israeli tourists visited Malta, and Minister Mizzi said the sees the "potential for growth" in the coming years. He also said that Malta will be advertised in a new promotional campaign to attract more Israeli tourists to the country this year. 

He added that Air Malta will also be founding a sales distribution network in Israel, with sales agents and the new campaign promoting the island all over Israel.

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