Little Girl Found Wandering Żejtun After Dad Gets Drunk In A Bar Early Christmas Morning

Police found her all alone at 4:30am


At 4:30 this Christmas morning, police were shocked to find a six-year-old little girl walking on the streets of Zejtun alone. 

Holding on tightly to her doll, two ALE officers on patrol in Triq Daħlet San Tumas saw the girl as they passed near a home for the elderly in Zejtun. 

TVM reported that the officers then stopped to ask the crying girl where her parents were. The sobbing girl explained that her father had left her in the car while he went somewhere, and she had fallen asleep, and woke up alone and decided to leave the car to go find her father.

After calling the Zejtun station for assistance, the police began a search for the father, and soon after found him drinking at a local bar in Zejtun soon.

It is reported that as soon as the police entered the bar with the girl, he stood up and told them that she was his daughter. 

Knisja Parrokkjali Zejtun

Zejtun Parish Church

The first investigations into this case revealed that the parents were going through a separation, with the mother living in Hamrun and the father in Zejtun. 

It was reported that Agenzija Appogg were contacted to confirm where the girl was living, and Times of Malta reported that the child was handed back to the father.

Online backlash to this information was swift, with many people commenting that the father was clearly not fit to take of his daughter. 

Agenzija Appogg and the police are continuing their investigations into the family's background, but whatever the case is, waking up alone and cold in the back of your drunk father's car is no way for a little girl to spend Christmas morning.

What do you think should happen to this little girl?

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