Make Malta Clean Again: Prime Minister Pledges Town-By-Town Plan To Tackle Island's Rubbish Problem

"People expect their streets to be clean, especially now that they have started recycling their own waste"

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Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has pledged to launch a town-by-town strategy on how to keep the streets clean ahead of next month’s local council elections.

In an interview on ONE, Muscat said the PL will soon publish electoral manifestos for every single town, along with a set of general proposals intended to “breathe new life” into local councils.

“You cannot expect people to vote for you just because there are problems in their town and you’re not the other party contesting, but rather you must be propositive and positive,” he said. “Next week, we’ll release an electoral manifesto for every local council, the result of a consultation process spearheaded by [PL President] Daniel Micallef and [Local Councils Association President] Mario Fava.”

Street cleanliness, one of Malta’s most instantly noticeable problems, will feature prominently in these manifestos.

“People expect their streets to be clean, especially now that they have started recycling their own waste,” Muscat said. “Some places are clean but some aren’t. Some places are dirty because their local council isn’t efficient enough, and others because people just keep dirtying after the council. It’s an issue of management and civic responsibility and one we will specifically address in our manifestos.”

With regards the European Parliament election, the Prime Minister said the Maltese public will get a chance to pass judgement on which MEPs truly worked for Malta and which used their positions to harm the country.

"Those who sowed the wind will now reap the storm," he said, somewhat poetically.

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