Make Sure You Are Prepared For This Weekend If You're With HSBC In Malta

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HSBC users all around Malta and Gozo will need to plan for the coming week after HSBC announced that all of their ATMs will be undergoing an upgrade between Sunday night and Monday morning. 

This means that the ATMs will not be working normally during that time.

The ATMs will be undergoing a "significant" upgrade to their software. The upgrade will be happening between 7pm Sunday evening an 5am Monday morning. 

Apart from no withdrawals available, you won't be able to make any payments using HSBC cards during that time, which means if you were planning on going out Sunday evening, it would be a good idea to carry cash with you.

This applies both locally as well as abroad. 

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However, online payments as well as EPOS payments at retail outlets will be available.

HSBC is recommending its customers to plan ahead accordingly and make sure they have enough cash until the system finishes its upgrade. 

An HSBC spokesperson also said that "an upgrade of this kind is essential to ensure continued stability of the bank’s key banking services for the benefit of all customers."

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If you have any problems you can can call HSBC on 2380 2380 or visit for more information.

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