Malta Airport Expects An Even Bigger 2018 After Record-Breaking Numbers

Set to build upon 2017's already impressive run


Malta International Airport had a great 2017. 

They welcomed their 6 millionth passenger in a year, a new record that registered a 17.5% increase from the year before. But their forecasts for 2018 seem set to raise the bar higher, with 6.5 million passenger projected to visit Malta in 2018.

“While our performance in 2017 may appear difficult to top, our forecast indicates that we can look ahead to another promising year, provided that hard work, investment, and service excellence continue to shape the way. I would like to thank all the team working at the airport and our stakeholders and invite further cooperation in the writing of yet another exciting chapter,” said Malta International Airport CEO Alan Borg.

The airport will be undergoing multiple upgrades, adding 16 new routes for their summer schedule, as well as completing the first phase of the €12 million Terminal Reconfiguration Project.

MIA also offered some interesting insights into what the key numbers from 2017 were, and what to expect in 2018.

1. 6.5 million tourists will visit the country this year

Screen Shot 2018 01 12 At 15 55 52

2. Every month in 2017 outperformed 2016

Screen Shot 2018 01 12 At 15 54 57

3. The UK and Italy remains Malta's biggest tourist markets

Screen Shot 2018 01 12 At 15 55 10

4. There were more passengers, aircraft movements, and seat capacity than previous years

Screen Shot 2018 01 12 At 15 54 47

5. The UK and Italy also had the most popular destinations

Screen Shot 2018 01 12 At 15 55 23

6. Tourists overwhelmingly visited Malta for leisure, and one third of visitors returned for another visit

Screen Shot 2018 01 12 At 15 56 07

Beyond traffic projections, 2018 promises to be a busy year in terms of infrastructure developments, with works being done on the Check-In Hall, which will be equipped with eight additional check-in desks and a new Baggage Handling System by summer 2018.

During the press conference, it was also revealed that in the coming year MIA will be investing another €8.8 million in terminal and airfield improvements, airport operations and security, and a new cargo village. 

What do you think about MIA's forecasts for 2018?

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