Malta Has The Second Highest Rate Of Early School Leavers In The Entire EU

With free education till university provided to every Maltese citizen, serious questions have to be asked over the country's education system

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Malta has one of the highest rates of early school leavers in the entire European Union, latest Eurostat figures show.

With a rate of 17.5%, the only country that has a worse rate of early school leavers than Malta is Spain, standing at 17.9%.

All of this seems more puzzling when taking into consideration the multitude of education streams provided for by the government, be that free university, MCAST, or other educational institutions.

It should be noted that this figure has more than halved since 2006.

Men do make up the majority of early school leavers, standing at around 19% of all males. On the other hand, around 15% of all women are early school leavers.

Similar figures also found that 34.2% of Maltese people are able to receive tertiary education by the time they were 34, a marked improvement from the 9.3% recorded in 2002.

Around 37% of all women complete tertiary education, compared to 31% of all men.

Both the figures for early school leavers and tertiary education may also potentially expose a significant gender imbalance when it comes to the education system in Malta.

Are you surprised by these findings?

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Julian Bonnici