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Malta International Airshow Cancelled After Organisers Were Ignored By Tourism Ministry

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The Malta Aviation Society has confirmed they will not be organising the annual Malta International Airshow in 2018 after 25 years of successful shows.

In a public statement, they said they would not be hosting this year’s airshow due to a being ignored by the Tourism Ministry. 

“The Society has written to the Minister of Tourism a few hours after the end of last year’s airshow asking for guidance and commitment to future editions of this successful international event,” they said in a statement.

“Notwithstanding a clear explanation of why such guidance and commitment was required urgently, coupled with another email sent to the same Minister a few days ago, there has been absolutely no reply from the Ministry. This leaves the Malta Aviation Society with no option but to abandon any preparations for the event to take place this year.”

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The popular event, which is usually held in September, requires months of preparations and planning, and the Malta Aviation Society has said it is now impossible to set up the show in time. 

The Society said that it was a shame they did not even receive an acknowledgement to their attempts to communicate to the Tourism Ministry, and that after 25 years of successes, the show had become a world-class aviation event, both locally and abroad. 

After a loss of income from the airshow that was held at the airport, they had agreed to move to a seaside show, with the Malta Aviation Society even offering to working on a voluntary basis to sustain the show. But this was seemingly not enough to get the Tourism Ministry to reply to them.

They now look to next year with hope for the event: “MAS hopes for the right conditions to be able to organise another edition of the Malta International Airshow in 2019.”

Online, the reactions were swift in their condemnation and sadness at losing one of the most popular aviation shows on the island.

What do you think of the cancellation of the air show?

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