Malta Marathon 2019 Runners: This Is Where And How You'll Be Able To Collect Your Medals Despite Cancellation

Runners will be able to pick up medals for their friends as well

Malta Marathon Cancelled Medals

Maltese athletes and international runners were left without their much-awaited challenge after last weekend's 2019 GiG Malta Marathon was cancelled due to intense gale force winds that struck Malta over the weekend.

As unfortunate as the cancellation was, health and safety took priority, and many runners applauded the organisers for taking the tough decision.

Now, the marathon organisers would like to inform any runners who signed up for the run as to how to collect their medal, which they are still entitled too.

"Local applicants of the 2019 GiG Malta Marathon can collect the medal from Go Sport Qormi this Saturday 2nd of March from 11:00 to 15:00," Joe Micallef, one of the organisers, told Lovin Malta.

If you have your race number, bring it with you

"Those that collected their race number must bring the number with them - this will be the only way to identify the eligible persons as we will have a list of numbers but no names," he said.

You'll also be able to collect your friends medal if they can't make it.

"Medals can be collected on behalf of others as long as the relevant bibs are also presented," he said. "Those that did not pick up their number can give in their name and surname together with either their Entry Number (not the ID Number) or Application Code, we will have a separate list with names for these."

The organisers said they understood Maltese athletes' interest in picking up their medal, but also said that runners who felt they didn't deserve it do not need to pick theirs up

"It is not and cannot be a medal for achievement and by no means does this gesture belittle the effort of anyone having started and finished the 2019 GiG Malta Marathon or the 2019 GiG Malta Half Marathon. There are no results or certificates for the 2019 GiG Malta Marathon, the event simply did not take place. If anyone feels that he or she does not deserve having the memento, they needn't collect it," he said.

"The medal has turned out to be a memento of the 2019 GiG Malta Marathon that did not take place and is being given to those athletes who applied to participate in it," they said.

He noted that the majority of foreign runners wanted to collect their medals, with a large number of medals collected on Sunday and Monday.

"I would agree with those few who are in disagreement with the distribution of the medal, had the the 2019 GiG Malta Marathon been held and the medals given out at the end of the race to those that started and finished it, in recognition of their feat," he said.

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