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Malta Named As One Of The Most Family Friendly Countries in Europe

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A recent study by Eurostat comparing Europeans and their social habits has placed Malta as one of the most family friendly countries in Europe, just after Macedonia and Cyprus. The study compared how much time adults spent meeting family or friends each day or week to discover the different social habits between European nations.

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76% of Maltese adults meet their families regularly, placing Malta in the top three countries out of thirty-three countries studied. Maltese were found to spend significantly more time with their family than their friends, an uncommon trait among modern European countries.

Some countries, such as the Scandinavian countries, had a much higher tendency towards meeting friends over family, with just 44% of adults meeting their family regularly in Sweden. Yet, 65% of Swedes met friends regularly.

The Baltic states had it the worse, with one in four Latvians seeing their family less than once a month, and some not even seeing their families once in the past year.

However, nobody came close to the Macedonians, with 97% of Macedonian respondents saying they meet their family on a daily or weekly basis.

Commenters online joked that seeing their families every week “would drive them crazy”, while others commented that “the more rural the country is the more tightly” they live together, lamenting that living in cities may ruin some people’s social lives. 

Either way, it comes as no surprise that the Maltese value family time so much. I mean, we are all related to each other anyway, no?

Do you think Malta is one of the most family friendly countries in Europe? Let us know in the comments.

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