Malta Public Transport Wins International 'Bus Excellence' Award

For doing a 'great job in transforming public transport by bus'

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Last week the International Road Transport Union (IRU) handed Malta's Public Transport system a prestigious award at their annual IRU Smart Move Awards

Malta Public Transport was handed the Bus Excellence Award for its outstanding public bus service, and was hailed for doing a "great job in transforming public transport by bus into a reliable and comfortable service for passengers."

Multiple reasons for giving the award to Malta were stated, among them a growth of more than 15% in the number of passengers compared to 2014, a great rollout and utilisation of the award winning Tallinja app, and an increase in customer satisfaction.

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The IRU Secretary General Umberto de Pretto said that “It is always satisfying for IRU to discover so many innovative projects in the bus and coach sector that truly embody what excellence in mobility is all about."

Malta Public Transport are a private company that operates the scheduled bus services in Malta and Gozo. 

Felipe Cosmen, Chairman of Malta Public Transport, said, “We are honoured to receive this award. We have come across various challenges over the past two and a half years, however our determination to provide people in Malta with a safe and reliable public transport service motivated our work as a team to achieve these positive results.”

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