Malta's Favourite 'Mystery Box' Brand Packs Up For Good

'Alas, 2018 is not for us'

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Ever since first starting off back in June 2017, Plait has established itself as one of many Maltese people's favourite local brands. The new year was off to a disappointing start for the company's fans, however, as an e-mail sent out to all its subscribers announced the end of Plait.

In the aptly-named The Last Message From Plait, the company said they are very proud and happy to have served thousands of people, but went on to say that, "alas, 2018 is not for us." The company mentioned "recent challenges beyond our control", but did not go on to provide any specific information. 

The company also clarified the situation on any orders made recently, saying that any advance payments will be refunded "very shortly".

Here is the email in full:

"Dear all,

We hope you've enjoyed your holidays and had an amazing start to the year!

We are very proud and happy to have provided you and a few thousand other people with our service in the last few months—but alas, 2018 is not for us. Due to recent challenges beyond our control, we have to unfortunately discontinue our operation as Plait. 

Thank you ever so much for being our customer, we have been humbled by your trust in our service, and your kind words.

Meanwhile, rest assured that if you have made an advance payment you have been refunded or will be refunded very shortly.

The Plait Team."

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The idea behind Plait was devilishly simple, but key to the company's success. 

Claiming to be the first subscription box company in Malta, Plait would choose the best wines, craft beers, and organic products, and deliver them to your doorstep on a monthly basis. By the end of the year, there was everything from a Malta-themed Plait full of local goodies, to a Beauty Plait introduced later on.

Daniel Fenech, the Maltese doctor behind the idea, had said he was inspired by the concept's popularity abroad, and wanted to bring it to Malta. 

Needless to say, many Plait fans were gutted by the recent news. 

"I was a huge fan of the Plait concept ever since it started," social media starlet Tamara Webb told Lovin Malta. "The idea of ordering a box of organic vegetables every week kept me motivated to cook with and eat more healthy organic goods. The beauty plait was an amazing idea for Malta and first of its kind here."

"I cannot say I wasn’t shocked when I heard the news as I truly believe it was one of the best entrepreneurial ideas we've had on this island in a while," Webb told Lovin Malta. "Having said so, people should stop judging and making up stories. No one knows what happened, but all I know is that after meeting Daniel a few times, I know it’s not a case of giving up on Plait. I wish him and all the team all the success in the world."

Lovin Malta has reached out to Daniel Fenech for an official statement, but Plait have yet to issue another one apart from the above email.

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