Maltese Exam Interrupted By Noisy 'Hens Party' To Be Investigated By MATSEC

Over 100 students said they couldn't concentrate during their recent O-Level as a rambunctious and alcohol-fuelled party went down nearby

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MATSEC have confirmed they are investigating an incident that occurred during the recent sitting of the Maltese 2A examination in Naxxar after over 100 students complained.

During the exam, students said they could clearly hear people at a nearby hens party that they said were playing loud music and enjoying drinking games, which was distracting them.

"We're happy that MATSEC are taking this incident seriously and aren't brushing it off, and we look forward to the investigation," Owen Grech, President of Pulse who set up a submission form for students affected by this incident, told Lovin Malta.

"We hope they understand that it affected over 100 students as we've been contacted by over 100 students since we set up our portal, and we hope that the investigation actually compensates students for withstanding a hens party for an hour and a half during an important examination," he continued.

Students are asking that a percentage of their marks are raised to make up for the marks lost due to the major distraction

The party, which is believed to have been hosted in a nearby private residence, allegedly included people shouting phrases such as "take one shot if you're single, take two if it's complicated!", phrases the students said they could clearly hear as they were attempting to undertake their Maltese O-Level.

MATSEC also noted that the Education Department is in discussions with authorities to ensure this kind of incident never happens during an examination again.

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