Maltese Justice Minister Mocks Slain Journalist Activists With A Narcissistic Instagram Poll On His Beard

The bitter feud over the controversial memorial in Valletta continues

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Justice Minister Owen Bonnici has asked whether he looks better now that he has a beard, after an image of his was used in the latest banner placed on the makeshift Daphne Caruana Galizia memorial in Valletta.

The banner, which was placed there overnight by Occupy Justice, uses an older picture of Owen Bonnici, one in which he is beardless. So of course, instead of addressing this latest protest, Bonnici took to Instagram to ask his followers which style of facial hair they prefer.

"Do I look better with a beard?" he asked, while drawing attention to his face on the new banner

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Soon after, he followed up with an Instagram story showing 89% of people preferred him with a beard

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Justice Minister Owen Bonnici has been very proud of his beard since unveiling it earlier this year

Aside from talking about his beard, Dr Bonnici has been at the centre of the controversy surrounding the battle over the makeshift memorial dedicated to slain journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

In the days following her murder over a year ago, supporters started laying flowers, photos, and candles at the Great Siege Memorial.

However, the makeshift memorial quickly became a sore point of contention for the Government, who have repeatedly removed memorial materials and covered it up, with key Labour representatives like Owen Bonnici and Valletta 2018 chairman Jason Micallef getting personally involved.

The memorial has also repeatedly come under attack by passers-by.

Nonetheless, activists have steadfastly resurrected it every time it's taken down.

Does Owen Bonnici look better with a beard?

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