Maltese Man Linked To 111 Kilos Cannabis Seizure Arrested Once Again On Drug Trafficking Charges

Police made the arrest last night

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A man charged with being in possession of 111kg of cannabis has once again landed in trouble with the law on drug trafficking charges.

Yesterday, the police discovered around 5 kilos of cannabis resin in a car being driven by two men, a 25-year old man from Birkirkara and a 42-year old Mosta resident.

In a separate discovery, the police found 10 kilos of cannabis at the farm of the 42-year old Mosta resident.

The men may appear in court later this morning on drug trafficking and aggravated possession of drugs charges.

TVM reported that the 25 year old man is linked to the discovery of 111kg of cannabis resin in May 2018.

Duty Magistrate Ian Farrugia is leading the inquiry.

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Julian Bonnici