Maltese Police Using Speed Guns In An Effort To Reduce Traffic Accidents

The highest speed recorded was that of 121 kmph

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The Malta Police Force traffic branch was busy this morning in a plea to control over-speeding in Malta. They implemented the use of speed guns along the Coast Road in a bid to reduce local traffic accidents.

They stopped over 70 cars during the operation which started out at 7.30 in the morning. The highest speed recorded was that of 121 km per hour in the 50 km per hour road.

Meanwhile, at around 8.30, a traffic controlling officer was stationed at Mġarr when a driver skipped the continuous line on the road.

The officer signalled for the vehicle to stop, however the individual sped off. This triggered the officer to follow him, until he eventually lost sight of the offending driver.

The car was later intercepted at the Golden Bay car park in Mġarr. The officer contacted the owner who after making his way to the vehicle, was informed that he was under arrest for not obeying police orders.

The driver was taken to a local police station for questioning, but was later on freed with pending accusations against him.

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Chiara Micallef