Maltese Presenters 'Just Meters Away' From Cranberries Singer In Her Last Moments

'I am still in shock'


As the tragic news that The Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan had passed away at the age of 46 broke, two Maltese personalities were shocked to find out that the singer had passed away just meters away in the hotel at which they were staying.

Ryan Borg and performer Josmar were staying in a hotel in Park Lane, London, when they were excited to find out that one of their "childhood idols", O' Riordan, was staying in the same hotel as they were. 

She was rumoured to be in London recording some new music.

However, the excitement soon turned to sadness when she passed away suddenly.

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The two Maltese men, who are still in "shock", couldn't believe how close they were to one of their childhood idols' deaths.

O'Riordan rose to fame as the lead singer of the Irish rock group The Cranberries in the 90's. Among their most popular work is their protest single 'Zombie', which was inspired by the Irish Troubles, and which reached worldwide acclaim with its emotionally dark video and tone. 

The Cranberries were planning to go on a European tour in 2017, but cancelled the plans due to the singer' health.

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