Maltese Restaurant Stops An Insane Amount Of Plastic From Going To Waste With Simple Scheme

If only more Maltese companies followed their lead


Malta's recycling system leaves a lot to be desired, but one Maltese company has come up with a very simple way to save a massive amount of plastic ending up in our trashcans and seas.

Or, to be more specific, 150,000 plastic bottles worth of trash.

In 2016, Talbot & Bons wanted to reduce their single-use plastic bottle waste - and they found a simple solution to do so.

They shifted from plastic bottles to glass bottles instead.

The Talbot & Bons restaurant, at Sky Parks, sees thousands of customers come through its doors every month. Replacing each plastic bottle with a glass bottle eventually adds up.

Glass Bottles At Talbot And Bons 2

“Most of our suppliers actually provide a glass bottle option instead of a plastic one, so it wasn’t that difficult to make the shift, although we did have to make a slightly higher investment from our end,” says restaurant manager Litza Buga. 

“While it did take our customers and suppliers a little bit of time to get used to our requests, they have been very supportive and have come to understand our policy in the long-term. We truly believe we have a responsibility to our planet that goes beyond the convenience of using plastic bottles simply because that’s what people are used to," she continued.

“Beyond that, we have trained our team to reduce plastic in other ways and we recycle as much as we can. We have even encouraged our team to recycle at home, and it’s wonderful to see them getting excited about the simple changes they’re making that make a huge difference," she said.

Glass Bottles At Talbot And Bons

Talbot & Bons believe in going that extra mile, with the plastic bottle scheme just one of the many things they do throughout the year to do their part for the environment. 

“We have been part of Earth Hour since 2012 and our whole team gets very excited about it," said Ms Buga of the annual day when the lights are turned out for one hour across the world. 

"Yes it can be challenging to work in almost-complete darkness but we have always managed. We now invite the public to embrace this event too and to join us on 24 March to spend an hour in the dark in support of this initiative, which is part of a vital worldwide movement," she said.

“Across the board it has certainly been a learning curve but, at Talbot & Bons, we are very proud to be taking a stand for our environment – and to be proving that, with dedication, positive changes are easy to make," she said. "Every little step forward makes a difference."

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What other schemes do you think Maltese companies can follow to reduce waste?

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