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Maltese Transgender Woman Beaten By Violent Date

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A transgender woman was beaten up by her date last Sunday night. The incident occurred when the man was invited up to the woman’s apartment in Marsascala. A report states that, after drinking some wine, the couple got intimate, and the man discovered his date was actually in the process of transitioning. The 35-year-old man from Floriana was given a suspended sentence earlier today, after he admitted to causing injury to the woman. 

The man, who said was unaware of all this, admitted to “reacting violently” to this revelation… by beating and injuring the woman and causing about €2,500 worth of damage to her apartment, to be precise.

The man, who cannot be identified by order of the court, pleaded guilty to the charges pressed against him, and was fined €800 and sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment, suspended for two years by Magistrate Antonio Vella. He was also charged with not only insulting police officers who arrived on the scene, but also threatening them with glass and a wooden rod. Among the charges against him, there were also those of breaching the peace and swearing in public. 

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