Man Stabbed Viciously While Attempting To Stop Burglar Robbing His Store In Ħamrun

The 37-year-old store owner has been left with grievous injuries

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A man was left with grievous injuries after a man forced in a window of his store in Ħamrun to rob it at 3.15am Wednesday morning. The 37-year-old owner of the store, who was inside the store when the burglar broke in through the window, attempted to fight off the burglar as he tried to rob his store in Kunċizzjoni in Ħamrun.

The burglar pulled out what was described as a sharp knife, and stabbed the shop owner during the scuffle. The burglar then escaped from the store with an unknown amount of loose cash.

The store owner was taken to Mater Dei with an ambulance where he was certified to have suffered grievous injuries.

The police were unable to confirm the nationalities of the two men. The police are still investigating.

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