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MCAST Students Left Without Exam Results As Lecturers Follow Union Directives

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Several MCAST lecturers have told their students that exam and assignment marks were finalised but would not be published anytime soon.

As confusion among classmates arose, students were told that they will not receive their marks due to a directive imposed by the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT).

Meanwhile, other lecturers have given out marks to students without a problem. When confronted with this fact, one lecturer told students: “Others can do what they see fit, but from my end no marks will be published.”

After a turbulent year of adapting to studying during a pandemic, students now remain anxious about their marks.

Students are furious, as they state they are being used as a weapon against MCAST, “suffering over a dispute between lecturers and MCAST, which they have nothing to do with.”

“Many of us already have anxiety and we certainly do not need any more. We just want what is rightfully ours – our marks – so that we can focus on the coming academic year,” an anonymous student said.

Another complained: “This is insane and unfair. As degree students we should not have to beg for the marks that are ours to receive by right.”

The president of the MUT, Marco Bonnici, said in a statement today that MCAST is in breach of the lecturers’ Collective Agreement, an issue that has been flagged by the MUT for months before resorting to these directives.

The MUT said they have held all discussions with MCAST, and it is now “up to MCAST to comply so that this issue is resolved at the earliest”.

Have you been affected by these directives?

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