Media Allegedly Stopped From Taking Photos Of Collapsed Wall At San Anton Palace

Once the recently refurbished wall collapsed, the embarrassment seems to have been too real to handle

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Months after parts of the San Anton Palace went under some restoration this summer, one of the restored walls collapsed earlier this week.

On Wednesday morning, an entire chunk of the wall at the car park of San Anton collapsed after just being built. A magisterial inquiry is currently being led by Simone Grech into the collapse of 50m of the recently-restored wall, while the President's Office commented that the Restorations Directorate was looking into the "technical side of the matter."

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One of the only shots of the collapsed wall. Photo shared by Times of Malta

However, things got slightly more complicated yesterday.

When Times of Malta tried to take a photo of the debris the day after, they were allegedly stopped by a security officer, who said that no photos can be taken of the wall... for not apparent reason. Because the President's Office later commented that no such order had actually been given.

Emergency works were carried out to cover the scattered debris, which is now hidden behind a mesh. The ruptured parts of the wall have been protected with a cement-like substance to limit rainwater from seeping into the wall’s interior structure and causing further damage.

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