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Mellieħa Councillor Urges Police To Enforce Rules As People And Even An Ice Cream Kiosk Flock To Armier 

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Mellieħa councillor Ivan Castillo has urged police to enforce social distancing rules in his town after another day in which several people, and even an ice cream kiosk, flocked to Armier Bay.

“It’s too much, they’re actually making business out of people disobeying the rules,” Castillo told Lovin Malta. “The community police are doing their utmost but this isn’t a task for three officers, but for an entire regiment. You can’t say five people aren’t allowed to gather at the same spot but then not enforce the rules. I don’t like seeing people getting fined but I don’t want the possibility of infected people leaving the coronavirus here.”

“What about the rubbish collectors? Tomorrow morning, they’re going to have to collect the trash these people have left behind and they could be in danger. I hope the government sanitises Mellieħa.”

On Monday, Mellieħa’s local council unanimously agreed that it will stop issuing any permits for camping or barbecues to maintain social distancing. On Friday, the police were empowered to disperse groups of more than five people and ensure they’re standing at least two metres apart from each other.

However, Castillo warned that several people aren’t taking heed of the law.

“I’ve seen an influx of people coming to Mellieħa. People who have probably never even been camping or to the countryside more are now coming here because they feel restricted at home. I know it’s hard to stay at home but to take a long walk is one thing and to cross Malta for a picnic or barbecue makes no sense at all.”

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