National Geographic Just Included This Maltese Location In A List Of Europe's Most Beautiful Cemetries

It's home to the father of the Maltese language...

Msida Grave Cover

The National Geographic has just released a list of five beautiful cemeteries to visit in Europe, and Malta has been included in the list. The Msida Bastion Garden is the second location to be listed, with the writer describing it as a "tranquil spot" surrounded by the sea and various botanical delights like hibiscus, oleander, and blue Mexican petunias.

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The Msida cemetery is the resting place of Mikiel Anton Vasalli, often referred to as the father of the Maltese language. Other cemeteries mentioned on the list include the Hietaniemi Cemetery in Helsinki, Finland and the Prazeres Cemetery in Lisbon, Portugal.

The news comes just as we're approaching the spookiest time of the year, Halloween. So you may want to go visit this beautiful cemetery for a creepy night out with your friends.

Have you ever visited the Msida Bastion Garden?

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