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Nationwide Petrol Strike Could Hit Malta As Early As Tonight As Tense Union Talks Set To Conclude

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Malta may experience a national fuel strike starting tomorrow as the final meeting over negotiations between the Energy Ministry and the fuel station owner’s union is set for this evening.

The meeting, which brings to an end long negotiations, will either result in a compromise between the two national stakeholders, or lead to a week-long strike that will see petrol stations all over the islands closed and not serving customers.

The meeting is set for 7pm tonight, and it is not known how long the meeting will last

In comments to Lovin Malta, Abigail Mamo, CEO of GRTU, the union representing the fuel station owners, said that unless a compromise was found by Monday evening, Malta could expect to see union directives.

“In reality, nothing is excluded,” she said. “What we know for sure is that members are not in a good situation because they are under a lot of pressure to carry out the investment required by law – they are receiving a lot of letters – and yet there is no financing to carry out the work. So they are ready to take action.”

“Ideally, action is avoided, and if action is taken, it will be the least possible action we can take. At the end of the day, the members have their own clients and don’t want to cause inconvenience to their consumers,” she said.

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