New Speed Cameras Churning Out 26 Fines Per Hour On Maltese Roads

Drivers are being caught breaking the law nearly every two minutes

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Cover photo: TVM

Up to 26 drivers are being caught speeding in excess of the law every hour by police using speed guns, the Times of Malta has reported. Traffic police are using the new speed cameras that feature infrared laser technology to track drivers.

The guns were rolled out around three months ago, and are being used to curb excessively speeding drivers by detecting their speeds from over two kilometres away in less than a second.

Police have already caught some serious speeders

One vehicle was caught doing 140kph, double the speed limit of that specific road.

“Our aim is to reduce road incidents. We want to eradicate fatalities caused by traffic accidents and will not stop until we achieve that goal. We would stop more cars, but there are only so many we can stop at one time without blocking the road completely," said Inspector Sergio Pisani to the Times of Malta.

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The fines given from these cameras range from €35 for speeds in excess of 15kph up to €75 for more excessive speeds

"Our people are getting used to them and are being certified if they are competent to use the equipment… the equipment is giving good results," said Inspector Pisani.

Almost 15,000 traffic accidents happened in 2017, with 19 of them being fatal.

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Pictured: Maltese penalty point sheet

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