NGOs Call On Police To Investigate Sliema Domestic Attack Caught On Mobile Phone

"No complaint from the injured party is required in such cases"

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NGOs and other organisations have called on the police to investigate a case of alleged domestic violence in Sliema that was recorded by a mobile phone.

The groups also urged the government to investigate and publicly explain why the respective authorities have failed to take such action.

Earlier this week, a video emerged showing a man kicking open the glass door of a shop on Bisazza Street and attacking a person inside.

The police have been reported as saying that none of the individuals involved in the dispute wanted to file a report. However, the organisations insist that no complaint from the injured party is required in such cases.

“It is an offence that need not rely on the complaint of the injured party. When brought to the attention, authorities have the obligation to exercise due diligence, investigate and take the necessary criminal action."

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Screenshot of Video Showing Assault

A statement by the Women’s Rights Foundation Association for Equality, Dar Merhba Bik Foundation, Fondazzjoni Sebh, Malta Confederation of Women Organisations, Malta Association of Women in Business, Men Against Violence, and the St. Jeanne Antide Foundation read:

“We are very disappointed to hear that no police action has been duly taken against the visible and identifiable aggressor that intentionally went in a rage to attack his partner at her place of work.

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Bisazza Street, Sliema

“Time and time again we hear of women complaining about how the police have refused to take their report, failed to investigate and/or never issued charges pertaining to their case. Given the lack of action in this case, when there is clear evidence of domestic violence, confirms further their stories.

“Shrugging off the matter by simply claiming that no one came forward or was reluctant to speak, does not suffice. Malta is bound by legal standards and is responsible for its failure to protect.”

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Written By

Julian Bonnici