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Traffic Nightmare At Sliema Car Park As Angry Shoppers Are Jammed At A Standstill For More Than An Hour

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Clarification: An earlier version of this article incorrectly referred to the car park in question as belonging to The Point Shopping’s Mall. It turns out that the incident occurred within the car park of Midi which is not managed by The Point even though shoppers tend to use this car park when they are heading to the shopping mall. The error is regretted. No further issues have been reported since publishing.

Last-minute Christmas shoppers are stuck in a nightmarish traffic jam throughout the car park at Tigne Point.

It is not yet clear what has caused the standstill traffic but infuriated shoppers have spent more than hour hooting at each other and trying to find a way out of the busy car park.

The car park is teeming with cars which an hour ago were looking to find parking or looking to leave, yet now can’t do anything at all.

A shopper told Lovin Malta, “I’ve been stuck on level -4 at the car park for half an hour and counting. People have given up and switched off their engines.”

This shopper was done and ready to go home, but as soon as she started to leave the car park, traffic halted to an “absolute standstill.” Those drivers stuck in traffic may have to pay a heftier price than what they were planning, due to the time spent inside the car park.

Point Car Park Traffic 1
Point Car Park Traffic 2

Traffic at a complete standstill in the Tigne Point car park

The Point said the traffic jam was caused by a crash at the Midi car park.

Infuriated drivers have reached out to Lovin Malta, with one warning that “I went in to find parking and instead I’ve been stuck for 45 minutes. Everything at a standstill.”

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