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‘No One, And I Repeat No One’ In Favour Of Abortion Can Represent PN, Bernard Grech Says

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If you are in favour of abortion, you will not be allowed to represent or form part of the PN, Opposition Leader Bernard Grech has declared in a clear statement against abortion.

“The issue of abortion, for me, is closed. This party was, is and will always remain against abortion,” Grech said during a radio interview.

“No one, and I repeat, no one who is in favour of abortion will represent or form part of the party as long as I am the leader. Not in the past, not now and not in the future.”

Grech assured that this is the position of the party, and this will not change. And he further accused Labour for spinning the PN’s stance on abortion to one that is untrue.

“We are obliged to remain pro-life. We’ve always been like this and we will remain like this. And our position has always been clear,” he said.

Nonetheless, he argued that politicians must understand the challenges that those considering abortion are facing and have a duty to help ensure that “no one kills a baby, no matter its age and even if it is still unborn”.

He continued with a feeble attempt to point out a contradiction in parties calling for the preservation of the environment for future generations, but not “being in favour of future generations” themselves.

“If we preserve a turtle egg and ensure it is not destroyed, can anyone believe that we won’t preserve the life of a baby that has just been conceived?”

Grech’s declaration comes only days after PN election candidate Emma Portelli Bonnici spoke out against the “systematic abuse of women who dare to speak about controversial views” after she was attacked with a influx of hate speech over a comment of abortion that she did not make.

There are also many PN members, employees and general election candidates who are pro-choice, therefore, Grech’s statement may be a lot less practical than he’s making it seem or would like to believe.

What do you make of this?

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