One Act Of Vandalism Per Week Is Reported In Sliema

Parliamentary figures also show that there has been on average one arson attack per year

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There is at least one reported case of vandalism per week in Sliema, with an average of about 62 cases per year.

While reported cases of vandalism reached highs of 69 in 2015, the figure recorded a significant drop for 2018 with 49 reported cases.

In 2019, there has only been one reported case so far.

Parliamentary figures tabled by Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia covering the years of 2013 to 2019, also found that there is one act of arson per year on average. However, there were no reported cases last year.

Vandalism has slowly begun to pervade the public consciousness with the practice gathering more coverage in the media, notably, with the rise of graffiti on Maltese streets.

In the past, residents and shop owners within Sliema have expressed their concerns over the perceived lack of interest by police officers to catch vandals in the area.

One notable instance involved the vandalism of the historic British-era milestone at the Three Trees junction, an incident which Sliema Mayor Anthony Chircop described as ‘deplorable’.

Do these figures surprise you?

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Julian Bonnici