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Outrage As Cat Shelters In Birkirkara Removed In The Middle Of Winter

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A number of animal activists have taken to social media to express their anger at the removal of a number of makeshift cat kennels that were being used by the local stray community following a refurbishment of Ġnien l-Istazzjon in Birkirkara.

Taking aim at the Birkirkara local council, activist Alison Bezzina pledged not to go away until something had been done to shelter the cats in the garden.

She posted her thoughts in a post earlier this week, saying her vote in the upcoming MEP elections rested on this issue

“This cat has been left out in the cold because we now have a newly refurbished garden!”

“Today, February 11th, someone decided to remove the few cat shelters that had been at Ġnien l-Istazzjon in Birkirkara for years.”

“The makeshift kennels used to be at the entrance of the garden situated in a corner, almost out of sight. But now that the garden has been refurbished we gained new ceramic tiles, new benches and swings and lost our humanity. The cats have lost their only shelter during the coldest time of the year, and their future is still unknown.”

“Two very responsible feeders have taken care of these cats for years, making sure to keep the place clean and the cats neutered, out of their own pockets. I have since spoken to Nancy Aquilina – a new candidate for the local council elections, but she could not help me with the matter. She directed me to the Mayor Joanne Debono Grech.”

“I’ve since called the office, her mobile, messaged her and Whattsapped her, but there’s been no reply whatsoever. Whilst I am still hoping for a mutual solution where the cats will be given alternative shelter in the garden, I hereby openly declare that my vote in the next Local Council Elections (May) depends entirely on this issue and other animal-welfare related ones.”

Many others echoed her calls, with a number of people pledging their votes to whoever would step in and help the cats

Bezzina said she made attempts to contact the Bkara mayor, attempts that had been ignored

She then posted an update saying she had spoken to some of the councillors

“I’m now putting my trust in the other councillors and the executive secretary who have all said they were not consulted and that the issue was not discussed. They also said that they are against the decision and some are even questioning if it was the decision of the Mayor at all. I’ll give them some time (not much because the cats are out in the cold) and then take it from there. I promise, I will not go away!” she said.

A number of Nationalist officials expressed their support for her cause

Others described how their local councils had found ways to take care of their local strays

What do you think should be done to help the cats in Birkirkara?

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