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Paceville Takeaway Hits Back After Fashion Stylist Claims He Was Refused Service Because Of His Outfit

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A popular Paceville takeaway has denied it refused to serve a young Maltese fashion stylist because of what he was wearing, instead saying he was refused service because he was acting ‘rude and aggressive’ to the server.

20-year-old Jeandor Farrugia took to social media on Sunday to recount what had allegedly just happened to him at Broaster To Go! at around 4:30am after a night out with friends.

“It was really shocking,” Farrugia told Lovin Malta. “After a great night out, I just wanted to buy food which is usually an easy thing to do as Broaster have ready-made burgers, but once I stepped in there, there was this huge guy and another guy close to him, they were both employees,” he said.

“One of them just looked at me and instead of saying ‘Hi’, he greeted me with a ‘What is wrong with you?’, which I found totally disgusting, and he pointed at my outfit while looking at his colleague,” Farrugia recounts. “His colleague seemed shook that he had said any of that.”

Farrugia believes he was unfairly discriminated against because of the way he was dressed

“While he was pointing at my outfit there was nothing I could do… I just replied with the same phrase and he was just like ‘go away, go away’ really aggressively, I just walked out to not cause any trouble,” he said.

“Two of my friends were also there, and one of them said ‘we’ll leave you a bad review’, but he clearly couldn’t care less and before exiting the shop I just said ‘are you serious?’,” Farrugia said.

“Is this the diverse and open-minded country we live in? I guess not… people are so quick to judge you based on what you look like these days, under all the materialistic shit someone is wearing lies flesh and bone just like everyone else. This was a very unexpected situation as I’ve never seen this happen to anyone especially in my own country,” he ended.

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Jeandor Farrugia

However, Broaster To Go! have denied this version of events

“I can reassure you that we have never ever rejected to serve people because of the way they’re dressed or because they are gay, transgender, disabled, or anything at all – we are here to do business,” Broaster To Go! Paceville manager Rodianne Brincat Custo told Lovin Malta.

“We have been serving customers in Paceville for a long time, and we know what it’s like here,” she continued. “If our employee was acting like that, I would never accept it. I don’t care who buys, as long as they buy.”

After speaking to the employee in question, she confirmed that Jeandor had been refused service, saying he had entered the takeaway in a “drunk and aggressive” state

“I was told the customer started making fun of the employee, who is a foreigner, saying he looked strange, and passed a comment on his hair,” she said.

Brincat Custo said that the employee told the Maltese man to “shut up”, and when he didn’t stop, he was told to get out of the store.

“He didn’t serve him, and he had every right not to,” she ended. “It’s normal procedure for everyone. That’s why I found the story strange – we deal with all types of people, even drunk people, we give them free water when we need to – but everyone has a limit, hux.”

She also pointed out that she had left a comment online asking Jeandor for further details to further look into the matter.

When asked about this version of events, Farrugia refuted it, saying that he would “never have posted in the first place if that was the case”.

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What do you think of this incident?

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