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Police Cannot Remove ‘Hazardous’ Dumped Cars From St Paul’s Bay Field Even After Residents’ Reports

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A St Paul’s Bay resident who’s new to the area said she was passing by a field next to Il-Fugass when she spotted a number of cars dumped on the side of a field.

The woman then called the police to report the issue but said she was told they “can’t do anything about it” because the cars are on private property.

The cars, which residents have reported as a hazard, have been flipped over and lie on their sides, piling up garbage and littering the area even further as people seemingly leave their trash next to them. Given the state they are in, they appear to have been there for a long time. Rusted over and in an unstable position, they are a potential danger to any passerby.

The area where the cars can be found

The area where the cars can be found

The police allegedly already knew about the cars, but a warrant to remove them could only be issued if the owner reported them

“There are other cars parked next to the overturned cars, so the neighbours are clearly used to it,” the woman told Lovin Malta.

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