Police Cannot Take Action Against Children Shown Taunting And Racially Abusing Black Worker In Birżebbuġa

Child Commissioner does say that police should have spoken to parents about their children's behaviour

Birzebbuga Racism Police

Police cannot take any action against a group of children who were taunting an Africaner work on the Birżebbuġa promenade, the Commissioner for Children Pauline Miceli has confirmed.

Speaking to The Malta Independent, Miceli said that no action can be taken against the children given that they are under 14, but insisted that the police should have questioned their parents over their children’s behaviour.

Earlier this week, Lovin Malta published 20-second mobile footage that was shot last summer showing six children on bicycles and scooters surrounding the man and screaming “Ballalu!” and “Muslim!”. People can be seen walking by without intervening.

The person who filmed the incident, who lives in Birżebbuġa, told Lovin Malta that the man was clearly trying to escape, but the children kept following him and taunting him. He said he showed the video clip to the police but was told nothing could be done because the aggressors were minors.

He warned that this was by no means a one-off incident and that he had even seen children physically assaulting a dark-skinned man before.

“The children would gang up in groups of ten and take on the African,” he said. “I filmed [this incident] because I could no longer take seeing people act so passively and felt it was time to do something.”

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Written By

Julian Bonnici