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POLL: Do You Agree With A Bridge Between Tigné And Valletta?

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A Maltese architect has proposed the construction of a pedestrian bridge between Tigne Point and the Gunpost in Valletta.

Structural engineer and architect Konrad Xuereb, who owns the London-based KonceptX, has told TVM that a bridge will ensure that help in the long-term social and economic regeneration of the lower part of Valletta. These are similar arguments to those posed by people in favour of a tunnel between Malta and Gozo. Except, of course, that Valletta and Sliema are already connected by road and by ferry. 

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Architect Konrad Xuereb trying to justify his vision on TVM

Still, Xuereb told TVM that the bridge – which he estimates to cost between €7 and €8 million – will be a worthwhile investment, as it will reduce car use (and pollution) and connect Valletta to Sliema. 

“There are examples of such projects in London, such as the Millennium Bridge that connects St Paul’s Cathedral with Southwark, which houses the Tate Modern,” Xuereb said.

He played down concerns that the bridge could ruin the view of Valletta, using the Castleford Bridge in West Yorkshire as an example of how bridges can be designed innovatively to reduce the visual impact. 

Innovative idea or a pure eyesore? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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