Prince Charles' Childhood Connection To Malta Could Save Valletta's Skyline

The Prince of Wales made a clear stance on saving Valletta's Skyline

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Prince Charles of Wales has recently made an undisclosed, yet 'very generous' personal donation to help save Valletta's crumbling, iconic St. Paul's Cathedral. It's speculated Prince Charles' deep connection to Malta which was forged in his youth may be the cause for such pivotal intervention.

The Prince of Wales is known to have spent a significant portion of his childhood-holidays in Malta, and even returned to worship in the very cathedral he is now saving during his unofficial holiday visits between 1968 and 1970.

Valletta's famed cathedral, built in 1844, has been in desperate need of restoration for years, with specific structural issues spreading through the building's spire, tower, facade, and internal stonework. 

St Pauls Above

St Paul's Anglican Pro- Cathedral 

No one knows the exact figure of Prince Charles' personal donation, however we now know that the sum of the cathedral's overall collection has surpassed €500,000 since they first launched their appeal in February of this year.

The Save Valletta's Skyline Restoration Appeal hopes to collect a total of €3M by the cathedral's 175th anniversary in November of 2019. Since the Anglican Pro-Cathedral doesn't receive funding from either the government, nor the Church of England, donations like Charles' are vital.

Young Prince Charles Malta

A young Prince Charles in Malta

St Paul's of course accepts any and all donations for their Save Valletta's Skyline Restoration Appeal

If you'd like to out-do The Prince of Wales' donation (good luck!), or help in any way you can, cheques can be made to “St Paul’s Anglican Restoration Appeal” and mailed to the St Paul’s Cathedral, Independence Square, Valletta VLT 1535, Malta.

St Pauls seafront