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Rescue Operation For Cat That Fell Two Storeys Launched After Owner Says Animal Welfare Refused To Help

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A number of people were forced to team up and rescue a domesticated cat that had dropped two storeys into a yard after Animal Welfare allegedly refused to help them reach the fallen feline.

“I assure you it was no easy feat to go down a swaying ladder for two storeys,” said a man who had to climb down to rescue the cat. “I’m shit scared of heights, but no animal is going to starve to death stuck in a yard. Moral of the story: had this been a child not a cat, would authorities do more?”

The cat’s owner told Lovin Malta that Animal Welfare refused to assist in cases involving private pets

“When I phoned Animal Welfare, they said they don’t deal with private pets, which seemed a bit weird. They told me to find a private ambulance, to which I responded, ‘I don’t need an ambulance but help to get my cat, or, at least, can I borrow a cat trap’.”

“Funnily enough, the police told me to keep insisting to Animal Welfare that they help me, so it seems they know how hard it is to get them to listen,” he continued.

The owner said that as they made a police report, two members of the Civil Protection Department accompanied him back to their roof to see the situation themselves. The officers concluded that they would not be able to get a ladder down to the yard.

The issue was further complicated since the actual yard-owner did not live in the house, and was not cooperative with the rescue team, allegedly getting mad at the rescue team when they called to figure out how to reach the cat.

“The police said we could break the door, but the problem was in closing it again,” the cat-owner said.

The cat, which is now safe and returned to its owner, was not harmed in the entire saga, but many have been left questioning the reason behind the authorities’ apparent unwillingness to help out.

What do you make of this incident?

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