Selmun Arson Leads To High-Speed Police Chase Of Stolen Mercedes, Leaving A Car Overturned And One Hospitalised

Four Maltese youths have been arrested after a chase that left a trail of debris and destruction

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Four Maltese youths have been arrested after being involved in a late night stolen car chase straight out of American TV.

A 20-year-old male from Siġġiewi, a 22-year-old female from Rabat, a 23-year-old male from Safi, and a 28-year-old male from Siġġiewi were caught in a stolen Mercedes after attempting to set a pick-up truck on fire in the dead of night, leading to a high speed car chase around Mellieħa and Xemxija that left one unrelated car overturned, sent a woman to hospital and left a trail of debris and destruction, the police confirmed with Lovin Malta.

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Pictured above: The stolen Mercedes used by the arsonists

The Maltese gang had attempted to set a pick-up truck on fire in Triq Selmun at around 11:30pm last night

The owner of the pick-up, who was in his house at the time, saw the youths pouring fuel all over his truck and called the police, who sent three RIU vehicles to investigate, TVM reported.

By the time they had arrived, the truck was on fire.

One RIU vehicle parked on the hill leading to Xemxija so as to block their escape, and the two other RIU vehicles headed straight for the arson attack. However, before they could apprehend the arsonists, the Mercedes was on the run, with the two remaining police vehicles giving chase.

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Pictured above: The pick-up truck

The vehicles then sped towards the Mellieħa bypass

At the Mellieħa roundabout, an unrelated car being driven by a woman collided with an RIU vehicle and overturned. One of the two RIU vehicles stayed behind to help the woman out of her car, while the final RIU vehicle kept giving chase to the stolen Mercedes.

The RIU officers chased the Mercedes towards Manikata, and then Għajn Tuffieħa, then back to Xemxija, before finally turning into Triq Ġnien Borġ towards Wardija. It was in this road that police were finally able to force the Mercedes into vegetation and a wayside wall.

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Pictured above: The high-speed car chase left a trail of broken signed and an overturned car

The four youths were immediately arrested and taken to the police depot for questioning

TVM reported that the Mercedes had been reported stolen from a Mellieħa garage on the 12th of January. Not only was it a stolen car, but it was using stolen number plates from a different vehicle - a Honda Fit.

None of the RIU officials were injured and the woman driving the overturned car was taken to hospital, however it is being reported that she didn't suffer any serious injuries.

A magisterial inquiry is underway.

All images: TVM

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