Semtex Or TNT? Malta Police Force Speak Out On Rumours Of Explosive Material Used In DCG Assassination

They basically called out fake news

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Over the last week and a half, there have been multiple reports covering different aspects of Daphne Caruana Galiza's assassination. News reports have reported a wide range of types of explosives being used, from Semtex to TNT. The Malta Police Force have this morning commented on these reports, dismissing them all as mere speculation.

This morning's statement explained that three analysts from Europol will be arriving in Malta later this week to assist them in the investigation. It went on to say that they "want to clarify certain reports which are appearing on local media regarding the explosive material which was used in the murder", reports which have by now also made it to foreign media.

“Any reference made to any kind of material used in the bomb was hearsay,” the police said, adding it was "too premature" to speculate.

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Up to a couple of days ago, Rai News were reporting that the military-grade Semtex was used in Caruana Galizia's assassination, going on to say that it originated from Libya. 

This morning, a news report on In-Nazzjon reported it was actually TNT, which is much more available in Malta.

The Malta Police statement went on to say that the tests are still ongoing, both locally and "in the best forensic laboratories in Europe". 

The statement finishes off by reminding people that whoever has any information on the case can contact the Police on 2294 2008 or on [email protected] A number of Response Teams have been specifically set up for this case. 

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