Macedonian Man Takes Three Whole Days Off Work To Protect His St Paul's Bay Street From Litterers

His Maltese neighbours said they hope he never moves away


A Macedonian man living in St. Paul's Bay has received praise from his neighbours as well as local politicians after he went on a mission to make his street clean again. The man reportedly took time off from work to go out of his way and literally try to teach the locals a whole new way of getting rid of the trash.

"It has to be a foreigner to find a way to address this problem that's been going on for months, that of people throwing bags of rubbish in the corner of this block of flats. This foreign man washed and scrubbed the pavement and then spent three days standing guard, and anyone who tried to litter on the pavement would be told in a polite manner to throw the rubbish away behind their own door. We need these type of people that love clean streets and are not afraid to stand up for cleanliness! Well done!," said Mario Salerno, the ex-Mayor of St Paul's Bay.

And Maltese people were suitably impressed with the man's efforts to keep his street clean

One neighbour even publicly called for the man, Deso Mateski, to remain in the neighbourhood

The man's efforts come as various parts of Maltese society attempt to create a cleaner, less trashy Malta. From bans on plastic straws in leading hotels and establishments to massive clean-up efforts held all around Malta, this Macedonian might be fitting in even more than he first thought he would.

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