Sliema Mayor Warns That 'Rowdy' Gang Of Students Are Intimidating People In Sliema

Mayor Anthony Chircop confirmed that the police are 'well on their heels' with regards to the matter

Qui Si Sana Gang Feature

A group of foreign students are allegedly creating havoc in the streets of Sliema, mayor of Sliema Anthony Chircop confirmed.

Yesterday, a concerned individual described the activities of these young boys in a Facebook post, claiming that the students were targeting random individuals and that they were allegedly beating some people up. The post has been removed from Facebook

The post highlighted that this occurred regularly and was even happening after dark. It mentioned that it happened to a member of the individual’s family. Various people reacting to the post also mentioned that they had seen the group of students causing trouble in the area of Qui-Si-Sana.

"We cannot do much other than draw the attention of the police," said Chircop. "They've already received multiple reports from individuals on the matter." Frustration towards the youngster's misbehaviour had been brewing, and the police acted on the matter "straight away."

The Sliema Local Council confirmed with Lovin Malta that the police are informed and investigations are ongoing.

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