New Best Furry Friend? Sponsor One Of The 300 Adorable Cats From This Maltese Cat Shelter

A purrfect opportunity for those who can't adopt!

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The CSAF (Carers for Stray and Abandoned Felines) are giving all cat lovers the opportunity to sponsor one of their adorable 300 cats, and we think it's a pawsome idea!

Maybe you already have a pet or your landlord won't let you have one? Well, sponsoring a kitty is the perfect way to help and show your love from afar.

The cost to sponsor a cat is only €30 per year and that will provide the furballs with food and any medical requirements they may need.

Private message CSAF on Facebook your email address and they'll get back to you. It's that easy!

CSAF aims to decrease the unwanted cat population without killing them and to take care of the many abandoned, mistreated and homeless cats. They trap, neuter, vaccinate and return every cat within a colony or homing.

Donate right meow!

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