Starting From Today, Ryanair Are Getting Stricter With Their Luggage Policies

Spoiler alert: get ready to opt for priority boarding


Ryanair, everyone's favourite discount airline, is about to make some changes to your cheap, slightly cramped flight around Europe.

Their new cabin bag policy goes into effect today, and people are already preparing for it. While some policies are only minor changes, there are definitely a few things you should be aware off.

One thing is clear - Ryanair want you to buy priority boarding, and want to minimise carry-on boarding.

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1. Only priority boarding customers are allowed to bring two carry-on bags on the aircraft

You are going to have to cough up that extra €5 if you want to carry two bags with you onto the place - and skip the queue. 

2. Non-priority customers will still have a two-bag allowance 

But they'll only be allowed to carry the smaller bag on board - their bigger bag will be placed in the hold, free of charge.

3. Redesigned boarding passes

They've been changed to show more clearly whether a customer has got a priority pass or not. 

4. New signage and baggage sizers have been installed

You'll be seeing the new sizers.

5. Reduced checked bag fees (and increased check-in bag sizes) 

Ryanair is trying to encourage people to check in their bags and minimise carry-on luggage. 

The check-in bag allowance has increased from 15kg to 20kg for all bags. The standard check-in bag fee has been cut from €35 to €25 for this 20kg bag.


Ryaniar's Chief Marketing Officer, Kenny Jacobs said that these new baggage policy changes will cost Ryanair over €50 million a year in lowered checked bag fees. "We hope our customers will enjoy this new and simplified bag policy," he said.

Make sure to keep these in mind when you are booking your next weekend break to Italy or face paying some very unneeded fees. 

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