Stock Up On Ġbejna: The Price Of Benna Products Is About To Go Up

Benna cheeses and butters could be especially affected by the price increase

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The price of Maltese cheese, yoghurts and butters are set to rise by up to 44c between today and December as shop-owners receive word that there will be a change in the price of Benna products.

It is being reported that store owners around the island have been told to expect a rise in the price of these popular products from December, though some products prices may be raised as early as Saturday, 20th October.

A Benna representative confirmed to Lovin Malta that the prices of the company's products would be going up, as well as the reason behind it.

"We can confirm that there will be a change in price in the products that we sell to distributors - but we will let the market dictate the store's prices," they said. "However, the price of milk will remain the same, though we do not exclude that it may be raised in the future."

The representative explained that Benna products are sols to distributors at a cost, which they then resell to stores and supermarkets - and Benna does not set the store price, which, they say, is left up to the market.

"At most, we can issue a recommendation for the pricing, for both shops and consumers, but we cannot oblige them regarding prices. We only sell to distributors - our margin comes from distributors, not shops."

The price increase comes after a rise in the international price for cow food

"Over the last few months there's been an increase in the international price of cereal, which is the primary feed of our cows. In six years, we haven't touched the prices, but we were not in a position to keep the prices as they were following this international price increase," the representative said.

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Though Benna couldn't confirm the exact price changes, Net News calculated the change based on the recommendations given to small and medium sized store owners

Ġbejniet - raise of €1.60 per kilo

Salted and unsalted butter - raise of 44c per 250g pack

Mozzarella - raise of 34c per 250g pack

Ricotta - raise of 30c per kilo

Yoghurts (natural and fruits) - raise of 5c per 150g pack

Fresh ġbejniet - raise of 5c per pack

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