'Stop Butchering Bunnies!': Animal Rights Group Takes Aim At Malta's Favourite Meat

'This Saturday, we will be their voice in Valletta - despite the backlash we are sure to face'

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Animal Liberation Malta, one of Malta's more militant animal rights groups, will be staging a graphic protest calling for an end to rabbit-eating this Saturday in Valletta.

"Did you know that Malta are the biggest consumers of rabbit meat in Europe? Did you know that rabbits are bred, confined in small cages, and then slaughtered at only three months old by having their necks snapped and throats slit? Approx 1,445 rabbits are slaughtered daily on the island, and we want our voices to be heard on this brutal practice which is considered 'tradition' by many," the group said on their event page.

The protest is set to follow along the graphic 'PETA' style of demonstration

You can expect to see people wearing bloody aprons, fake butcher knives, and live rabbits in a display table outside the theatre just inside Valletta's entrance.

The protest will be accompanied by people holding laptops playing videos of Maltese rabbit farms, as well as rabbit farms around the world.

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Leila Scott and her pet bunny Marley

People will also have a chance to interact with a live rabbit and "make a connection"

Leila Scott, from the Animal Liberation Malta, spoke to Lovin Malta ahead of the protest. Saying she was aware that rabbit meat was a local favourite, she said that fact "didn't change anything".

"There will be many Maltese attending the protest, not just foreigners," she said. "I have rescued many rabbits from being slaughtered; they are wonderful animals with amazing personalities, and this Saturday, we will be their voice despite the backlash we are sure to face."

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