Student Council Elections Set To Return To University Of Malta For The First Time In Three Years

Pulse expected to contest KSU elections after a two-year hiatus

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Photos from SDM and Pulse from the 2015 election campaign

Brace yourselves, University of Malta students, because an election for the student council is set to be held on campus for the first time in three years. 

For several years, the KSU election used to be a contest between SDM and Pulse, loosely affiliated with the Nationalist and Labour parties respectively, with SDM winning every single time. Student voter turnout has traditionally been extremely poor, with only around 30%.  

After a particularly heavy defeat in 2015, Pulse opted out of contesting the next two elections, citing a need to restructure itself internally and to banish the perception that it is merely an “election machine”. Since then, Pulse has won three successive student elections - at Junior College, MCAST, and ITS.

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The current KSU council did not have to pass through an election  

Lovin Malta is reliably informed Pulse is now ready to take on the major challenge of beating SDM to the KSU for the first time ever in an election set to take place in around a month. In fact, both Pulse and SDM have already started approaching students to contest all 11 KSU roles. 

“We haven’t taken an official position yet and are still considering our options,” Pulse’s president JohnLuke Ellul said. “Unfortunately, we lost elections in all institutions a few years ago and we had to return to our roots. We have spent the past two years rebuilding our image and structure and launching campaigns on issues such as immigration, the education system, entertainment alternatives to Paceville and first-aid. Whether we contest the KSU elections this year, next year or in five years’ time, all I can promise is that we will offer up a strong manifesto to university students.” 

Are you a University of Malta student? Will you vote in a KSU election?

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