Student Village Incoming: Massive 690-Room Student Residence To Be Built On Malta's University Campus

It's going to feature everything from an outdoor pool to its own shops and markets

Malta University New Campus Cover Photo

A 690-dorm university residence has been proposed between the University of Malta and Mater Dei.

It will host hundreds of students who will be able to sleep right near the University and wake up five minutes before lectures and still make it on time.

There are set to be six different blocks, all different heights, with a maximum height of 10 floors, built on the Ta' Gjalpos site, where an unused garden centre currently sits right between the two Maltese institutions.

The Planning Authority is set to approve the new university residence on the 20th of December, which is being built by Vassallo Builders.

New University Campus Residence Proposed Site

Red: Mater Dei Hospital. Green: The University of Malta. Yellow: The proposed student residence would sit right between, in the Ta' Gjalpos site. Image: Google Maps

Screenshot 2018 12 06 At 12 07 06

A photomontage of the area's new skyline as seen from the San Ġwann side. Source: MaltaToday

The residence is going to have all the amenities a student could ask for

Everything from an outdoor swimming pool to an indoor garden, are being proposed for the new block.

Four basement levels will feature 456 car parking spots, and there will even be a specific language school as well as shops and markets in the residence.

Mater Dei hospital had previously objected to the construction of the campus, calling it a "visual intrusion".

However, the Foundation for Medical Services have since dropped their objections, and are now pushing on strict conditions - such as minimising dust and noise - with the Planning Authority.

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