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‘Take A Shot If You’re Single!’: Noisy Hens Party During Maltese O-Level Exam Causes Uproar Among Students

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A group of students have banded together to issue a formal complaint to MATSEC after a loud hen’s party allegedly caused a major disruption to students taking their recent Maltese 2A O-Level exam that occurred at the Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School in Naxxar.

After students and parents raised their voice over the ‘disrupted’ examination – during which authorities allegedly did little to remedy the situation – Pulse has set up an online Google Docs form where students can give their details.

The affected students now hope that MATSEC will address the situation and raise the classroom’s marks by a certain percentage to make up for the marks “lost due to distraction”.

“During the second paper of Maltese that usually needs a lot of thought, I entered a bit panicked because I’m like that, and there’s a few others like me,” one female student said after the exam was over.

“Five minutes before this blessed exam started, there was a cheeky group of people who began to celebrate a hens party right below us, with their music full on. We immediately spoke to the invigilator who told us to ‘cover our ears as if you were hearing nothing’… u mhux hekk, thank you, how helpful you were,” she lamented.

“The exam was two hours long, and they spent an hour and a half with their songs on full volume as it honestly was like having a speaker in your ear”

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The student – one of at least 100 according to Pulse – said she was unable to concentrate on her exam with the party going on outside

“You can’t blame me speaking like this knowing that I spent the last two years working for this exam just to lose everything on a joke and lack of respect from someone else,” she continued, before reiterating how useless the invigilators were.

“The whole time we were telling the invigilator to send someone outside to tell them to shut their sound off since there’s an O-level exam going on and they just told us: ‘we can’t do anything, we’ll tell the director’ (who was in Ħad-Dingli).”

“Obviously, they continued with the music and screaming into the microphone. Personally, I had no idea what I was writing and I can say that there was no point in me studying since I surely didn’t get half the marks I deserved. Thanks a lot MATSEC!

To signify the importance of her Maltese exam, the student even wrote a little poem about the incident:

Lis-storbju ghaddej baqa,

Il-pulizija baqaw ma gewx

Id-direttur ma għamel xejn

U aħna bla marki bqajna

Others students have since opened up about their experience

“The same thing happened after the Business exam on Friday,” said one student” while another student said she had watched the Hen’s Party on someone’s Instagram stories.

Others lamented that they were so loud, they could hear the games being played at the Hen’s Party, including things like ‘take one shot if you’re single, take two shots if it’s complicated!’ as part of a drinking game.

What do you think should be done following this incident?

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