Teacher's Union 'Fails To Understand' How Mother Of Autistic Child Can Forgive LSE As They 'Would Have Expected An Apology'

'Parents expect the highest professional levels from educators - but similarly, educators expect parents to act responsibly in the best interest of students'

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The Malta Union of Teachers has reiterated its belief that an LSE acted professionally and according to established practices after a furore erupted following an alleged incident where a mother said that an LSE had shouted at her four-year-old son with autism.

"The MUT notes the development regarding the claims made in relation to the duties of an LSE during Breakfast Club," the MUT said in its latest statement. "The Union reiterates that the LSE acted according to established practices and that there were no shortcomings in the process."

The MUT also commented on the fact that the mother in question had said she forgives the LSE who she claimed mistreated her son

"The MUT fails to understand the position of the parent whereby she claimed that she forgave the said LSE," they said.

"The Union would have expected an apology about the unfounded public assertions which affected both the LSE and the school including the students who witnessed the outburst of the mother," they continued. "Certainly parents expect the highest professional levels from educators but similarly educators expect parents to act responsibly in the best interest of students."

The mother in question, Sefora Tabone, had taken to social media to raise awareness to what she saw as a case of mistreatment

"After hearing screams, I turned to see if it was because of my son, and I saw him sitting on a chair, sitting in the corner because of a time-out - which is fine - and my son was just crying and gasping for breathe, and the morning LSE who was taking care of him was bellowing at him with her fingers in his face, and, instead of calming him, was causing him to throw things on the floor: instead of calming him, she was shouting even more, so he began shouting even more," she had said. "So I entered the room, told Diego to pick everything up, and at the time I didn't tell her anything, and I took him out and calmed him down. She then came out after me and I told her: 'that wasn't the way to address my son's issues'."

The MUT have rolled out an emergency service for its members who experience aggressive behaviour - you can reach it by sending an SMS with name and ID number to 79213379

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