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The Reason This Maltese Woman Got A Warden Ticket Will Make You Give Up On Everything

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A Maltese woman whose car had been severely damaged by bricks from a falling wall in Żebbug has received a fine from a local warden.

The exact reason? For keeping her car in a state of disrepair. 

Considering a wall had fallen on it, her car was quite literally in a terrible state of disrepair.

The car’s front and back windows were crushed, along with the roof. The car behind her had also sustained damage from a falling brick.

The woman, Vanessa Bugeja, said she was given the ticket due to the state the car was in: “I wasn’t happy because I didn’t expect a citation after what happened. I imagine the warden saw how the car was – there was no reason to give me a citation, even more-so when I told them exactly what had happened.”

The wardens told her that if she was able to produce a police report about the incident that led to the damage on her car, they would rescind the €23.29 ticket. She’s since contacted the police and is in the process of obtaining the police report.

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Workers have since put up a “No Parking” sign in the area where the wall fell. 

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Do you think she should have received a ticket?

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