This Is What Malta's Airport Is Set To Look Like In The Near Future

A €100 million masterplan has been granted approval by the Planning Authority

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Luqa's International Airport is set to get some major additions in the near future thanks to an extension masterplan which has just been approved. 

Earlier today, the Planning Authority officially gave the go-ahead for the €100 million project, which will see three additional blocks being built. 

Echoing the style of the existing SkyParks, one of these blocks will be replacing the McDonald's restaurant and drive-through currently in place. Another will be replacing the petrol station and car park which are currently located just outside the fast food establishment. The new buildings will be used for offices, shops, catering, entertainment venues, and a hotel.

The massive project will be rolled out in three major stages, with today's PA approval giving the green light to proceed to the initial planning stages.

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In the last quarter of the year, works will commence on the construction of a multi-storey car park which will provide more than 1,300 parking spaces.

Over the past 16 years since its privatisation, Malta International Airport’s infrastructure has benefitted from an expenditure of more than €110 million. These featured the Terminal Reconfiguration Project and the development of SkyParks Business Centre.

The company’s master plan was subjected to a Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) and an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), as part of which a public consultation period gave local stakeholders, environmental NGOs and government authorities the opportunity to review the masterplan and submit their observations.

“Through this sizeable investment, we expect to solidify Malta International Airport’s important role in the local economy, as we unlock its potential to welcome more tourists and generate further employment opportunities. We also envisage that this programme will build on the successes of past investments and go on to grow the airport campus into a go-to destination for business and leisure,” said Malta International Airport CEO Alan Borg.

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